There Is Opportunity Everywhere
Shines a Light on the Battles and Successes of Businesses and Their Founders

Who we are and what we are about

Why We Were Created

There is Opportunity Everywhere was created to share the stories behind entrepreneurs and their businesses. With a new episode delivered to you each fortnight, There is Opportunity Everywhere offers insight into how ideas have mushroomed and grown into businesses and livelihoods as well as glimpses into the sheer grit, self-believe and determination of entrepreneurs. I am grateful for the audience allowing me the chance to share so many extraordinary stories and experiences.

Meet Your Host Blake Martin

Hi, I`m Blake

I`m 19 years old and started There is Opportunity Everywhere after leaving a law degree at the start of 2021. At the time I was clueless about where my life was headed and what the future held. I lost sleep over the idea and excitement of creating a Podcast that interviewed different business founders and entrepreneurs each episode, and felt obliged to create There is Opportunity Everywhere.

At the time of writing this I’m working another job as well as the Podcast however, aim to go full-time into the podcast alongside studying a Bachelor of Communications. When not studying or working I enjoy fishing and exercising.

I am humbled by and so appreciative for all of the business owners who have worked with me on the Podcast and for everyone who has listened to, supported or shared There is Opportunity Everywhere in anyway. I am excited by what the future holds and look forward to sharing it with you!

Blake Martin

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