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Claude Lombard

Lombard The Paper People


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Sandi Sieger

Onya Magazine


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Claudia Shaw

Social Media influencer


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What We Are About

The Podcast

There is Opportunity Everywhere was created to share the stories behind entrepreneurs and their businesses. With a new episode delivered to you each fortnight, There Is Opportunity Everywhere offers insight into how ideas have grown into livelihoods and successful businesses.

The Host

Hi, I`m Blake! I started There Is Opportunity Everywhere after leaving a law degree at the start of 2021. At the time I was clueless about where my life was headed and what the future held. 

I lost sleep over the idea and excitement of creating a podcast that interviewed different business founders and entrepreneurs each episode, and felt obliged to create There Is Opportunity Everywhere.

Blake Martin
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See Into the Lives of Entrepreneurs and Business Founders

Learn from entrepreneurs and business
Founders from around the globe.

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